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Name: Taylor Jones
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About me: I love to sing, write, and create ~ general self expression makes me happy ♥ I like... ... to use a clear umbrella so i can still see the rain ... to enjoy a coffee on occasion ... blackouts with candles and wood fires ... wigs and the game of pretend connected ... my mix of water and wood signs ... glasses-- i wish sometimes i needed them ... old fashioned casual traits of a gentleman ... the timeless elegance of a woman ... music that matches my mood ... observing people's unique personal habits ... wine in an oversized glass ... makeup-free faces and natural, real laughter ... passion without reason or sense ... bland rooms with amazing views ... awkward moments due to language barriers Easily an extroverted as I am Introverted - yet mostly Yang than Yin. I am fascinated by many things- ancient history, mythology, love, the study of religions, archaeology, mother earth, friendship, mystery, animals, dreams, travel, tattoos, body modification, divination, drugs, music, photography, philosophy, sex, modeling, marriage, sushi, fashion trends, supporting local bands, the dismal days, etc.

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